Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Every guest at Stay.Stoked schools will be provided with a thorough gear list and itinerary after registration. If you are missing anything at all, we have partnered with local gear shops in Squamish to cover your needs!

How do i get to squamish?

By plane: you would want to fly into YVR (Vancouver International Airport) and make your way north to Squamish. There are buses that can transport you from YVR directly to Squamish or you can opt for a rental car. Once you have escaped Vancouver’s traffic, it is a beautiful 30-minute highway ride that will take your breath away. We can help coordinate different options based on your planned accommodations!

While you are in Squamish, you will find that most things are in close proximity to each other, ensuring less driving around in an effort to be eco-conscious.

is rock climbing right for me?

99% yes. If you are able to climb up a ladder or a set of stairs, you can be a rock climber. For each guest that signs up, you will receive a questionnaire so that we understand your past history of physical activity. You will be learning all of the essential skills during your time at the school, but if you have more questions about rock climbing, please contact us.

how do i prepare for rock climbing?

Again, a moderate level of physical fitness is ideal for anyone interested in rock climbing. This can have different meanings for different people so here are some basic things that can help prepare you:

  • Basic calisthenics like push-ups, assisted pull-ups, squats, and walking or jogging.

  • Flexibility: there is a reason that we are offering guided yoga and meditation in the schools. Breathing patterns and flexibility go a long way in rock climbing

  • Have a chat with your family physician telling them that you plan on attending an introductory rock climbing school. They can discuss whether there are any concerns

what is the weather like in squamish?

Squamish is surrounded by ocean waters, glorious granite and a beautiful rainforest. The average precipitation occurs in the winter months from November to February or March, but there is always the possibility of a rain day even in the dry season. The summer months are quite dry and warm, reaching up to the 30-degree range in July & August.

More Squamish info can be found here:,_British_Columbia

what is the payment & cancellation policy?

Due to the coordination of guides and instructors, the cancellation policy is the following:

A 10% refundable deposit is required for all guests during registration. Full payment is required a month (30 days) prior to the scheduled school date. Guests may cancel up to 2 weeks in advance with a 50% total price refund; cancellations within a week in advance will include a 25% total price refund.

* The cancellation policy may be waived for special circumstances - please contact us if you have additional questions.

how many people will be in the group?

The Stay.Stoked schools are meant to be intimate enough so that you get personalized skill development with the guides and instructors. The maximum number of guests per school is set at 8, with a minimum number of 4 guests per school registration.

why is transportation and accommodation not included in the school price?

We understand that the Stay.Stoked schools will likely attract a wide variety of guests. Those who are budget-savvy and may want to camp or stay in an RV, while other guests may prefer a variety of other accommodations available in town: hotels, AirBnB, staying with friends, etc.

The same principle applies to transportation - depending on your accommodation location it will be possible to carpool with other guests and this is a more eco-friendly option versus renting a bus, especially given our small group sizes.


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