When people say ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘you don’t have what it takes’, it makes the task all that more interesting.
— Lynn Hill
Gearin’ up for some climbing!

Gearin’ up for some climbing!

“Rock climbing is just an activity for young people. It is too late for me to start now”

“You need to be very strong just to get into rock climbing.”

“Rock climbing is dangerous and extreme.”

Time and time - and time again - I have been able to show people that none of these are actually true.

Rock climbing is an activity suitable for any level of ability and body type.

Strength is not a “pre-requisite” to rock climbing. Here are some of the benefits to gain:

  • build strength, endurance, power, balance and mental fortitude

  • meet like-minded people

Rock climbing is inherently safe, logical, and systematic. What is often portrayed in the media and in movies is not actually the same as what 99% of rock climbers do.

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